text - image - signature

Cross-over of art and philosophy in a series of 30 objects, aluminium-boxes (12x9x6") containing 3 plexi-plates carrying heat-transfers of text, image, signature

# 22_Fröhliche Wissenschaft-Riviera-F.N.
The first plate gives to read a passage of Nietzsche's work temporally assigned to visits of places in Italy the photograph on the second plates is referring to; the signature-plate on third level comprises the variety of Nietzsche's names as also the Italian place-names in his handwriting.
The mise en scene of the 3 inscriptions on the translucent plates puts their mediality into focus and subverts the purpose of meaning as the aim of reading.
# 9_Morgenröte-Genua-Nietzsche  
Depending on standpoint and focus of the recepient the infinite movement of the traces of text, image, signature - differentially referring to each other - is set in motion again and again, thus showing the constitutional conditions of meaning.
# 10_Fröhliche Wissenschaft-Genua-Prinz Friedrich  
This deconstructive disposition does not aim at a meaning but follows the flow of writing in its shifting, delaying, supplementing play happening in the triple dispositif. Incessantly each sign refers to others, continually displacing its identy; in an endless process of delay the sign never arrives in a meaning.
# 29_Dionysos-Dithyramben-Turin-Dionysos  
The series of 30 objects is accompagnied by an artist book documenting the work to which Hugh J. Silverman referred in his text NIEZSCHE'S ITALICS: Chiasmatic Inscriptions - Between the Sheets, translated by the artist: NIETZSCHES CORS(IV)O: Chiasmatische Inschriften/Einschreibungen - Zwischen den Tafeln.
# 27_Der Antichrist-Turin-Antichrist